Real estate evaluation

Maks V valuation provides real estate
valuation services


About us


Understanding Value: The Importance of Qualitative Assessment

Maks V valuation renders real estate valuation services and is an associate member of the Latvian Association of Property Appraisers (LĪVA).

We produce high-quality independent real estate appraisal in the shortest possible time. The term of execution depends on many factors: the location of the object, its type, specifics, availability of documentation, etc.

Qualitative evaluation


Maks V valuation provides real estate valuation services.

Maks V valuation provides high-quality valuation of all types of real estate throughout Latvia. Our clients are individuals and legal entities. Quality conformity of appraisals is confirmed by certificate of competence issued by Latvian Association of Appraisers. According to Latvian standards (LVS-401: 2013) real estate valuations are done objectively and in optimal time.


The list of services for the assessment of real estate provided by our company.

Rates and deadlines

List, cost, and timing of real estate
appraisal services.

Who we cooperate with

Institutions that accept our company’s
evaluations: Seb , BigBank, Uzņēmuma
reģistrs, sworn notaries (for inheritance registration).

We evaluate

Types of real estate that we can

Price list

Building plot
3-4 working days
Agricultural land
3-4 working days
Commercial land
5-7 working days
Rural farm
5-7 working days
Residential (garden) house up to 100 sqm
5-7 working days
Residential (garden) house 100-200 sqm
5-7 working days
Residential house 200-300 sqm
5-8 working days
Residential house 300-500 sqm
7-10 working days
Residential house future (to the relevant house valuation amount)
Serial flat
2-3 working days
Specs apartment
3-4 working days
New project
3-4 working days
If extra parking
If extra storage
If future valuation

How to order

  • Request for assessment
  • Submission of documents
  • Land Registry extract for the apartment
  • Cadastral survey file of the group of premises
  • For a plot of land, extract from the Land Registry
  • Land boundary plan

For the valuation of the dwelling

  • Land register extract
  • Land boundary plan
  • Cadastral survey file of the structure

In the event that the layout does not correspond to the existing layout, a redesign project or a simplified renovation confirmation card is required

  • Organisation of the inspection of the object (handing over the contact details of the seller or his supervisor to the assessors or the client himself arranging the time of the inspection)
  • Payment of the work, according to the invoice presented
  • Preparation of the valuation
  • Certification of the report
  • Sending the work to the client’s e-mail address and/or to the credit institution

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